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You are an Explorer!!

April 1st, 2013 · No Comments

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If you are a creative geek, like I am… you are in constant pursuit of content to inspire you… promote your business… share with your friends and to help illustrate your vision to your clients. Where on earth do you keep all this stuff?? Well let me tell you …I hate clutter! There are no filing cabinets stuffed with samples or files any more at Michelle Rago Destinations. MAC computers, Iphones and Ipads have surely been the biggest contribution to any creative person having to manage content…. or is it?

 My dear friends Michele and Frank Spiezia have cracked the code! Enter…

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 Bespoke Social Media Atelier is a comprehensive tool for creatives to discover, save and share content in a single platform. Though Bespoke is primarily geared toward creatives, it usable by anyone who enjoys discovering and saving visual content  (…and you know all you brides feel like professional planners after your wedding!). It’s a bit like making the leap from a PC to MAC in today’s creative world!

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 Bespoke’s Inspiration stream allows users to add blogs they already love along with social media accounts, aggregating their content in a visual editorial feed. Filters allow you to control the media you’re seeing, minimizing distraction when users are in a creative workflow.  The in-app browser also allows for search-specific inquiries.

Any content that is included in a user’s Stream or found through web browsing can be saved to an Inspiration Book.  These books can store categorized content for private creative resource, become customized portfolios for sharing directly with prospective clients, or manage creative material to be shared between users working on a collaborative project.

Bespoke provides privacy, control over distraction and context of content without having to access multiple platforms. By combining beautiful brand & design with functionality, creatives and mass market users alike will prefer Bespoke to their existing solutions for content curation, management and sharing.

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 Bespoke Social Media Atelier  provides you

-  privacy (I love privacy!!)

-  control over distraction for creative work (It’s not cool to be distracted…)

-  context of imagery

 –  organized creative resource (…again …love private)

-  customized portfolios for prospective clients (be gone bulky presentations!!)

-  collaborative projects within creative groups (who doesn’t love collaborating!)

Neat features to enjoy and look out for in the future!!

-  hotspotting (sounds dirty but it isn’t)

-  take a photo or use your photo library ( I for one am addicted to photos… as you all know!)

Coming in the future….

-  brand promotion through books (future)

-  buy directly from books (future)

-  webapp button (future)

-  smartphone development (future)

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Look, basically that was a lot of information….just download the Ipad App and get busy! Be one of the cool kids and check it out…

Bespoke App





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